Lori Mack

Documentary Family Photographer

Serving Denver, Colorado and surrounding metro areas


Capturing the heart of your family’s story


connection | DETAILS | real emotion

The meaning of your family forever frozen in time.

THis is your heart. This is HOME.


Your home is about your heart…and your heart is made up of all the connecting moments that happen between you and the ones you love.

Authentic connections happen in your every day. They aren’t forced or dressed up in matching outfits. They aren’t placed in a field and told to smile. They are natural and come alive in the safety of home. Of heart.

The way your little one reaches for you or caresses your cheek, the soft touch of your partners hand on your shoulder. This is safe. This is home.

I love telling your real stories, the stories of every day laughter and joy and even the moments of pain or sadness that can happen on an every day basis with your children. But what inspires me most are the in between moments that are too often lost in the rush and hustle of every day. I want to help you stop and see them.

I want to show you your every day moments as lifelong treasures of home…

and how they feel.



Real moments and authentic emotion…the essence of home


I believe a powerful photograph is more than just a picture, it’s a sacred memory. And within that memory is a soulful connection to a feeling you want to hold on to forever.

Photos don’t just make us remember. They move our hearts taking us back to real emotion, The language of our hearts. The language your children have come to know you by that gives them safety and unconditional love. The way in which they will remember you, your heart, and their family forever.

Show me your every day moments, and I will show you how beautifully powerful they are.



“Lori’s photography is unique in that she captures those blink and whisper moments that you tend to miss, but they’re right there and they’re the fragile, delicate, rich, boisterous moments life is made of”….. Lindsey M.



Family Sessions

documenting the details within every day

Personal Projects

moments from Uganda to local non-profits


real stories - the beauty in the details


“Lori perfectly captured the feel of our family time together. She has an incredible eye and uncanny ability to capture moments that truly express the detail and emotion of the subject.”- Jeremy R.


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