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Barn Diving and Other Explorations

February 09, 2017  •  1 Comment

It's not often anymore I get to capture my kids darting off on some adventure, using their imagination, or better yet, hear the words, 

"Mom! Come here! Come see! Hurry!" 

It's been so cold and winter's weight is pressing down yet I can almost hear the the blooming of early daffodils as a robin's song has begun to greet me every morning. Spring is coming! So on this particular warm February day with temps hovering around the 72 degree mark, my two youngest, ages 10 and 11, informed me that just the other day they had gone to "the barn". Like every other mom, I responded with a little bit of curiosity and a little bit of annoyance of,

"Why didn't you tell me!?"

I used some lame excuse as to being bit by a snake, falling in a hole, or what have you. In actuality I was more annoyed that my two daring adventurers didn't tell me so I could go with them. I've been wanting to capture this very outing for quite some time now knowing the place in which "the barn" rested was a beautiful area of land that lay adjacent to a public bike and walking trail, and only about 1/2 mile from my house. So I quickly let them know that "Next time you go you better tell me so I can go!"

Well my bright 11 year old who has a love affair with all things rusty, discarded, forgotten and anything that looks like it belongs in the garbage had the great idea to take off now. Drop what was being done (who needs to finish homework anyway?) and set off while it was still light and there was just enough warmth in the air to keep us from bringing any kind of coat (hurray!)

Hmmm....golden hour, 70 degrees, beautiful barren vine-like trees and an old barn...what's not to say "yes!" to?

So we set off on our barn-diving-tree-climbing-scavenger-hunting adventure for whatever time we had left before darkness fell...and I just prayed for no snake bites ;)


Love this, Lori!!!! And, I'm excited to see you using Zenfolio, too! Your site looks great!
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